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All Private Equity Add-on Acquisitions in Q2 2023

All Private Equity Add-on Acquisitions in Q2 2023

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408 Private Equity Add-on Acquisitions in Q2 2023

This Excel file includes all private equity Add-on acquisitions made in the second quarter of 2023.


  • 408 add-on acquisitions made by 342 unique portfolio companies, collectively owned by 302 unique PE firms
  • Add-on Investments: company name, website, investment date, city, state, country, business profile
  • Portfolio Company: company name
  • Private Equity Owner: firm name, website, address, city, state, zip, country, phone
  • Key PE Executive (portfolio Board seat): name, title, email


  • Learn key sectors of investment interest and which PE firms are most active in making add-on acquisitions to existing portfolio companies
  • Add-on acquisitions signal benefits to investment bankers, executive search firms, accounting firms, law firms, management consulting firms, technology providers and more



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